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by Bells of Soul

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Claudionosfera (Vocal and programming)
Sanian (Vocals and Keyboards)

1-2 -10© 2008
3-4-5-6-8-9 © 2009
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released March 25, 2012

Bells of Soul



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Bells of Soul Sao Paulo, Brazil

Band formed in April 2003, to make sound "dark" searching atmospheres comings in your Souls

Banda formada em abril de 2003, afim de traduzir nossas Almas em Música.

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Track Name: Quando Chega o Dia da Caça (Lupercais Tribute by Bells of Soul)
A semente regada por licor floresceu
deixando o solo com ar putrefato
nada, onde pisava, colava aos seus pés.
Era o explorador do mundo
num espelho embaçado.
Veio então a ventania e arrancou-lhe as pétalas.
Como chorou o criador ao perceber
o ruminante que se aproximava
Track Name: Silent Scream - TSOL Tribute by Bells of Soul
I'm the cobwebbed stairs, the ancient bones
I'm the shadow rippling cobblestones,
I'm the stagnant swamp, the black lagoon
I'm the branches scratching at the moon
I'm the funeral service, the unknown mourner
I'm the demon cowering in the corner
I'm the sexton's spade, the new thrown clay
I'm what's left when they walk away
I'm the ebony coffin, satin lining
Pale thin lips in the back room dying
Pale thin lips in the back room dying
I'm the walking dead, the fly by night
I'm the last of the fading light
In the unbarred door, the open encasement
I'm the stairs leading down to the basement
The four post bed, the let down hair
I'm the cross that you forgot to wear
I'm the highest voltage, the shining slab
The crack of midnight in the doctor's lab
I'm the night before, the morning after
Echoing of the baron's laughter
Echoing of the baron's laughter
I'm Jonathan Harker, I'm Lucy's trance
Elegant count's hypnotic glance
I'm the wooden mallet, the sharpened stake
I'm the precautions you forgot to take
I'm the mummy's curse, the passing bell
I'm the fortune they wouldn't tell
I'm pyromania, Transylvania
I'm out of breath, I'm worse than death
I'm the late night air, exhilarating
I'm with you in the darkness, waiting
Track Name: A Man looking for... (alternative version)

Sometimes the sun falls
Sometimes the heaven falls
One more night is gone
Sometimes he dies
Sometimes he lives
One more night is gone
He wants the why of life
He wants the why of death
Just doesn't know meet yourself
He wants understand the Pain
He wants kills the Pain
Dies his days to search to find

Sadness goes
Sadness Comes
Today the pain wants stay
He looks to the rainbow, crying
He closed your eyes
He Closed your face
and garden brought his tears
He looks to the rainbow crying

The Fairies of Death returned
to show his own truth
He was free of the afraid
and today he dies his own life